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Mewjimew Carpet Mat - Onsen Cat PREORDER
99 Meals Automatic Electronic Programmable Pet Feeder PREORDER
Electronic pet feeders used for dogs and cats. This is a large capacity (45 cups) feeder and is suit..
Fresh meets Function! The Catit line of collars, leashes, harnesses, harness sets and tie-outs offer..
Like all Kickeroos, this toy is fun for your cat to wrestle, paw, and kick. But grab the handle of t..
Doggyman HS-80 Washable Lint Roller -27%
100% washable and reusable, Once used, just rinse under cold water to clean and hang to dry with its..
RM69.60 RM51.10
Vesper Minou PREORDER
The vesper minou is a horizontal scratcher and hiding place in one. Thanks to its compact design, it..
Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag - Bone PREORDER
An identification tag with your pet's name and contact details to ensure they will always come home ..
ibiyaya Transparent Hardcase Carrier - Valentine PREORDER
The transparent hard case pet carrier shows off your fashion taste with the see-through design. The ..
CattyMan Stylish Safety Cat Collar - Duck SOLD OUT
Breakaway cat collars which are designed to snap open quickly if caught on anything - hooked on a tr..
Catit Fresh & Clear Premium Dual-Action Replacement Filters PREORDER
The Catit Fresh & Clear Premium dual-action filter is  dual-action carbon and foam replacea..