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    Neu Zea Milk Replacer for Puppy & Kitten (250g)

    Price:  RM22

    Suitable for Orphanage puppies and kittens and also for those that don't get sufficient milk supply from their mother.
    Status: SOLD OUT. Please contact us if you wish to see this item back to stock again!
    1. The actual colour of the item might slightly different due to all computer monitors have different color calibration settings.
    2. Measurement was done by manually and might be has error of 1-2cm.
    3. Neu Zea contains low in lactose while still maintain a balanced composition of nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of young and active animals. It contains all the protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that puppies and kittens need for optimal growth.

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