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    Organic Catnip Seeds

    Price:  RM4

    Contains Nepeta cataria seed ≈50seeds
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    2. Eating catnip can help cats promote gastrointestinal motility and digestion, discharging hair ball and wast much easier, supplementing vatmin.
    How To Plant Canitp?
    1. Starting: Catnip does well in any containers, raised beds, or borders. Make a small hole with your finger on the soil and put 3 seeds per hole. Cover with soil. Place into room temperature 18~25 Celsius degree and do not place directly sunlight.
    2. Growing: Only water when the soil is dry. Seeds should sprout in 2-8 weeks and you may move it to outdoor with shade, do not place directly sunlight. Protect your catnip from cats and you will have perfect Catnip plants in another 9-12 weeks.
    3. Harvest: After the main bloom, trim about 5cm off the top to encourage a second bloom and tidy shape.
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