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    Organic Wheatgrass Seeds (100g)

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    Contains Organic wheatgrass seed ≈100g
    1. The actual colour of the item might slightly different due to all computer monitors have different color calibration settings.
    2. Measurement was done by manually and might be has error of 1-2cm.
    3. Organic product from Australia, BIODYNAMIC Certified by DEIVETER.
    4. Helps prevent hairballs and aids in the digestion of formed hairballs.
    5. Note: it doesn't work for all cats. Also suitable for dog, genuine pig,rabbit and most of the indoor pets.
    How To Plant Wheatgrass AKA Cat Grass?
    1. Soak seeds for a night/8 hours. Do not place direct sunlight.
    2. Pour out all the water, cover the seeds with a wet tissue on top for 12 hours. Again, do not place direct sunlight.
    3. Ready a pot full with 60% soil. Spread seeds on the soil evenly, and then cover it with another 30% of soil, leave the 10% of space for let them breath and growh.
    4. Watering gentle and soft until moisture. Do not over-watering else might kill the seeds.
    5. Place the pot direct sunlight and water gently and regularly to maintain moist but not wet soil.
    6. Harvest after 8-10 days/10cm. When harvesting do not uprooted, leave the remaining 1-3cm of the grass to grow and harvest again for 1-2 times.
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