1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 April, 2016.

    Catit 2.0 Digger

    Price:  RM29

    Size 37 x 37 x 8.4 cm
    Brand Origin Canada
    Key Features
    1. Narrow and wide tubes
    2. Stable base with sloped surface
    3. Easy to clean
    4. Stimulates activity
    5. Compatible with senses 2.0
    1. The actual colour of the item might slightly different due to all computer monitors have different color calibration settings.
    2. Measurement was done by manually and might be has error of 1-2cm.
    3. This product encourages cats to work for their food/treats in a fun and natural manner. It's smart design plays on a cat's instincts to paw out smaller portions of food, which stimulates activity and reduces binge eating.
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