1. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 December, 2015.

    CattyMan Chain Stylish Cat Collar

    Price:  RM33

    Collar length 31.5 cm
    Suitable size 18 - 27 cm
    Material Polyacetal, polyester and polystyrene
    Brand Origin Japan
    1. For fitting cat collars, you should be able to fit two/three fingers between your cat's skin and the collar.
    2. The actual colour of the item might slightly different due to all computer monitors have different color calibration settings.
    3. Measurement was done by manually and might be has error of 1-2cm.
    4. Breakaway cat collars which are designed to snap open quickly if caught on anything - hooked on a tree branch, snagged on a fence, caught on a window latch, etc.
    5. Comes with writable tag can be write your pet's name and contact details on it to ensure they will always come home safely.