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    Cati 2.0 Wave Circuit

    Price:  RM36

    Size 61 x 36.5 x 5.3cm
    Brand Origin Canada
    Key Features
    1. Elevated wavy track with special peek-a-boo cover stimulates cats to chase the ball
    2. 10" longer than the original Play Circuit and enables 100+ layouts!
    3. Full Senses 2.0 and backwards compatibility
    4. Includes a swirl patterned ball with the optimal weight for play. Easy to clean and assemble
    5. Activate your cat's senses with the new Senses 2.0! This product activates TOUCH SIGHT HEARING
    1. The actual colour of the item might slightly different due to all computer monitors have different color calibration settings.
    2. Measurement was done by manually and might be has error of 1-2cm.
    3. The Catit Senses 2.0 Wave Circuit has been designed to stimulate your cat. It offers elevation for more diverse movements. Combining this with new and old circuits, you can make 100+ of layouts to make play time more fun.
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